Machine Intelligence for Human Health

We are Revolutionizing Diagnostics using the Tremendous Power of Amplicon Sequencing and machine learning

Our Goal is to Maximize the Reach of Amplicon Sequencing Diagnostics to
Save, to Prolong and to Improve Human Lives.

Angstrom Massively Parallel Diagnostic

Population-Scale Molecular Diagnostic.
Unprecedented Throughput.
Unrivaled Sensitivity.
Scale-Enabling Cost.

A Critical Element in the Fight Against COVID-19.
And Beyond.

innovation at
Ångström resolution

population scale ngs diagnostics
Platform for cost-effective, massively-parallel, NGS-based viral diagnostics, including COVID-19
Optimizing Research and Therapeutics
Computational optimization of both
in vitro & immunization derived antibodies
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Founding Team

Carlos Santos, Ph.D.
Carlos Santos, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Austin, TX
Carlos Santos, Ph.D.
David States, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer
Ann Arbor, MI
Carlos Santos, Ph.D.
Forrest Cox
Chief Strategy Officer
San Francisco, CA
Carlos Santos, Ph.D.
Jonathan (JP) Feldmann
Austin, TX
Carlos Santos, Ph.D.
Josue Moran, Ph.D.
VP, Research & Development
Austin, TX

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